THE FUTURE OF BANKING IS OPEN Open Bank will revolutionize banking services. How are you preparing?

Are your customers demanding you share their personal data? They soon will be.

Unleash your Open Bank vision in three controlled stages. Want to know more?

The future of banking is open

Whether paying for coffee with their watch or having all their finances on a mobile app, consumers are demanding banks open up and share data with trusted 3rd parties. Open Bank is here. Are you ready?

Be ready. Read Aite Group’s “Open Bank, APIs, and Financial Services Ecosystems: The Future of Banking”. This research investigates how APIs are helping banks monetize Open Banking for a significant business advantage. This paper can help you prepare, plan and take the next steps.

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What are leading banks doing about digital transformation

Open Bank & PSD2 Customers will soon demand you share their personal data

Whether you choose to simply comply with PSD2 or you use the emerging eco-system to drive new products and services, your relationship with your customers is about to change forever. You’ll need to embrace an eco-system that is digitally-born and agile. You’ll need to transform your IT architecture to enable reliable, secure, compliant data sharing.

Will you be ready?

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Open Bank requires a range of IT capabilities

Learn how API Management, IT Portfolio Management, Integration, Customer Insight and Customer Journey Mapping can kick-start your Open Bank transformation.

Evolving toward the Open Bank How are you building your Open Banking future?

Putting customers (not product) at the heart of IT is the essence of Digital Transformation. Nowhere is this more true than Open Bank. Succeed and you’ll become the nexus of entirely new products and services. You’ll lead entirely new value streams. Fail and your most valuable asset — customer data — walks out the door to be monetized by your competition.

Read on to learn how the right digital business platform can help you unleash your Open Bank vision.

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TACKLING GDPR AS WELL AS PSD2? As you craft your Open Bank vision, you’ll probably grapple with GDPR as well. Software AG's GDPR Framework is built on the world’s first Digital Business Platform - empowering you to master your data protection regulation.

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